Tuesday, July 6, 2010

SOLD- vintage metal candlestick lamp - $28

this little gem of a table lamp was unearthed in a garage in elgin, ohio, on a 92 degree day. it was even hotter in the barn... i could barely see from the sweat dripping into my eyes that brought with it remnants of melted hair product. anyway, i'm glad i managed to find it among a tangled mess of random junk. she sports a real, vintage candlestick vibe, and with a proper candle-looking light bulb in it, you could possibly trick some people into believing it actually is a candlestick. but, why be tricky. plus, the cord is a dead give away that it's electrically powered. anyway, this lamp will complement your porch situation, your bedside table situation, or any situation that calls for style.

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