Thursday, July 22, 2010

SOLD- mid-century CHROMCRAFT turquoise barstools- set of 3- $300

have you ever seen a time capsule in real life before? if so, were these 3 barstools inside it? who wants to be the proud new owner of these mint, mid-century gems?? they are honest-to-goodness original CHROMCRAFT Chromantic66 barstools, upholstered in an astonishingly vibrant turquoise, with polished chrome bases. they even have footrests- it's almost better than christmas. seat height is just about 25" from the floor, and they aren't adjustable. they DO, however, swivel around so you'll never be required to sit with your back to the door. if you're in the market for seating (and if you're not, you should be), these Chromantic66 barstools are for you. it's rare that i find this sort of item in such pristine condition- not a rip or tear in sight. lovely.

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