Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SOLD- 1960's travel picnic table/chairs set - $125

summer in seattle is finally here- i'm almost certain of it. what you're still missing, however, is this awesome 1960's fold-up/travel picnic table and chair set. but no worries, because i have it right here for you. this super compact set (weighs about 30 lbs all folded up in its sweet little case) easily unfolds into the most righteous picnic table and chairs in the universe. well, at least the vintage universe, and that's all i really care about. take your party anywhere- the forest, the meadow, a sandy beach, your pal's backyard, or your basement. this picnic set is adult sized and plenty sturdy- all steel and masonite- no plastic parts here. manufactured by the Milwaukee Stamping Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, it's likely best enjoyed while drinking another true Milwaukee-made original: Miller High Life. The champagne of beers. go ahead- take your picnic on the road in style!


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  2. I have one of these vintage tables. They work great.

  3. These all are very lovely outdoor picnic tables.