Tuesday, July 6, 2010

am back from vacation, moving, pride and 4th of july. back to junking!

so, i've been a little lax in my postings as of late due to some circumstances in life- all good circumstances, however- but am back in the junking and selling mode once again. a few weeks ago, i was out in rural ohio, indiana and michigan with larisa, and we managed to do lots and lots of junking and exploring. was awesome to be back in the midwest where the beer is light, cheap, and everywhere. bought a huge suitcase in grand haven, michigan, just to get some of the great stuff- vintage finds, not beer- home. then, we spent a little time in chicago doing some urban thrifting and cold beer drinking in the hot and steamy city- it was a fantastic vacation. there's nothing like the excitement of returning home, though, and i'm happy to be back in seattle and back to work. hope you find something interesting here, or something you can't live without- and if that's the case, give me a shout and i'll get it on over to you asap.

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