Tuesday, May 31, 2011

SOLD primitive wooden beverage crate- $54

The famed Cammarano Brothers operated a veritable, old-skool beverage distributorship in Tacoma from the 1920's to 2001 when they finally closed their doors. the 3 brothers kept the region's hard-working men (and women) stocked with all the good ol' beers from back in the day- they were early distributors of Rainier, Hamms, Schlitz, and Pabst Blue Ribbon. (daily fun fact- Cammarano Bros. was the first distributor to sell a million cases of Rainier beer.) they also ventured into distributing other sorts of carbonated beverages, including sodas from the Double Cola, Co., located in Chattanooga, TN.

this great vintage crate with dovetail corners is adorned with both the distinctive red DOUBLE COLA logo and Cammarano Beverages crest and it's a beaut, let me tell you. i discovered it hidden in the back room of an old roadhouse-converted-to-antique-shop along the 101, deep in rural washington's rainforest country. it sat in the same spot for many years, soaking up the dusky smoke coming from the hulking wood-burning stove that sits in the corner of the shop, working overtime to dull the constant damp chill. someone needs to give this old champ a new home- maybe one that involves some sunshine.
it's sturdy as all heck and ready to go.

Monday, May 23, 2011

stuff i'm sourcing for Salt & Staw Ice Cream- new pdx scoop shop

hi all. just a few photos of some of the great old stuff that i'm sourcing for Salt & Straw Ice Cream, a new scoop shop that's opening up in pdx. their ice cream cart will begin scooping delicious ice cream on NE Alberta St. on 5/25, and the shop will likely open in July. seattle junk love is thrilled to be assisting with this creative venture! cheers to kim as she does her part in making PDX an even cooler city to live in!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

West Seattle Flea Market at Easy Street Records-TOMORROW!

hi there. seattle junk love will be participating in a new flea market at Easy Street Records that's part of the monthly west seattle art walk! it takes place the second thursday of the month- tomorrow!!- and runs from about 5-8pm. come visit me at Easy Street Records, on the corner of california and alaska, to say hello and shop for some great vintage stuff. this will be my first time participating in the flea market so i can't promise what to expect, besides a good 'ol time over on the west side. art, vintage goods, maybe a couple beers, and if we're lucky, a view of the sunset. sounds like a good time to me! hope to see y'all tomorrow evening!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cure opens tomorrow! seattle's newest charcuterie/bar destination on the hill

hi all. seattle junk love has been picking furniture and such for the owners of Cure, the about-to-open bar and charcuterie spot on capitol hill. the highly anticipated opening of their rustic, european inspired eatery (and drinkery) is tomorrow, Wednesday May 11 at 4pm. be there to toast the newest residents of the revamped strip that's Nagle Place- the skinny street that borders the western edge of Cal Anderson Park's tennis courts, and right around the corner from Sugar Pill- the best spot in town for whatever ails you. seattle junk love is excited to have played a small part in making Cure a good-looking and interesting addition to the seattle scene. amy and eric, the owners, went with true masters of good design and stellar construction with the selection of Mallet, inc. as their contractor. (of Spinasse, Cafe Press, Rudy's, Stumptown, Ace Hotel, and Tuta Bella fame... nice client list!) so, it's now on to the next project ... Salt & Straw in Portland on NE Alberta Street- your new favorite scoop shop, doling out hand made ice cream in flavors you've never imagined. coming soon. stay tuned!