Friday, June 11, 2010

SOLD- old painted blue metal bookends $11

I always say you can never have too many bookends. These gems are as sturdy as they are good looking, and have just the right amount of wear to show their age. They'll easily hold up your novels, magazines or whatever else you throw at them. Note the sweet floral decal.

SOLD- old blank notebooks- pair $7

Straight from the US Govt Printing Office. Two hardcover, green notebooks that are full of nothing but blank pages waiting for you to write down your lists, thoughts, and secrets. The smaller notebook is labeled "memoranda," therefore it's reserved only for the following:

1. A short note written as a reminder.
2. A written record or communication, as in a business office.
3. Law A short written statement outlining the terms of an agreement, transaction, or contract.
4. A business statement made by a consignor about a shipment of goods that may be returned.
5. A brief, unsigned diplomatic communication.

SOLD- retro milk glass mushroom coffee mugs- set of 6 $27

Found and foraged from a local estate! Drink your morning coffee in vintage fungus style with these sweet, milk glass mushroom-motif mugs. And, in the evening, make it a Cajun Coffee or a Hot Toddy. Either way, you'll be the envy of everyone who has ever loved a mushroom by owning this set of pristine retro mugs.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

SOLD- ca. 1970's-era aluminum double lawn chair $25

Sit on this beauty with a pal, and you'll be transported to an imaginary place where the livin' was easy. A cold can of Hamm's in one hand, and a deadly lawn dart in the other. Really, when was the last time you saw a chair like this? And don't say "on the Brady Bunch." Cuz that doesn't count.

wallpaper project photos- nothing for sale here, people. just an fyi.

so, a while back i found a bunch of rolls of really old player-piano sheet music, and decided that it might make cool wallpaper. with the know-how and assistance of my dear pal, jenn, we glued it up on the wall and hoped for the best. it turned out really amazing, if i do say so myself- the paper completely became the plaster wall, and it created a really warm, glowing and cozy room. thanks to lars for providing the room! :) here are a few shots for your viewing enjoyment.

SOLD- 1960's auto racing trophies- set of 3 for $33

Awesome vintage race car trophies from our own pacific northwest's Bremerton Raceway! Lyndon Johnson defeated Barry Goldwater for president in a landslide back when these trophies were awarded- '64 and '65. Just think about that fact for a moment... Anyway, if you love trophies, and let's be clear- who doesn't??! - these are a must have for your collection.

SOLD- pair of vintage aluminum table lamps $42

Sold as a pair because these are clearly made to live together. (well, i suppose you could buy them separately- $24/each) They provide fantastically understated downlight, and will amply illuminate an entryway table, a bedside table, or back porch side table. Set a romantic, days-of-yore vibe with these sweet lamps.

SOLD- handcrafted wooden squirrel table lamp $29

At some point many years ago, an extremely skilled woodworker went down into his basement in Magnolia and decided to make a lamp in the shape of a squirrel. The result of his effort is this darling, stained wood, squirrel silhouette lamp. I've rewired it so you can leave it glowing at all hours of the day and night and not worry about burning your place down. (i used a 3-way recepacle so you can put a 3-way bulb in it.) This type of handmade item is something to behold. Orange light bulb included.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

SOLD- Diamond Nesco enamelware pot with lid $26

Beautiful white enameleware pot with matching lid, original label and sharp red, wooden handle. Pot measures 9" high and 10" wide, in blazing red and crisp white. Fantastic patina on the lid, with one small scratch on the interior. From Nesco, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Would make a useful food compost pot for your kitchen, a perfect container for your cat food, or just something fun to look at on a rainy day.

vintage glass jar- Lambs Tongues $24

Large Glass Jar, Derby Brand, Lambs Tongues. 10 ½” H x 6” W with a 3 ½” opening. Not really sure why you’d want to buy a jar that at one time was filled with lambs tongues, but I’m willing to part with this piece of Americana for the right price. An interesting note about this item is that the packing company on the label, E.K. Pond, of Chicago IL, was the original packager of Peter Pan peanut butter, and this gem of a jar likely dates to the 1930’s. The label is a rich, mottled reddish brown color with fantastic block letters outlined in black. With no chips in the glass whatsoever, it's a must have for your kitchen, and the perfect container to store your bulk dried lentils, or bowtie pasta. Maybe.

SOLD- green Cream City Ware enamelware mold $32

It’s a beaut, Clark. Spring green color on the outside with a lovely cream color inside, black edge trim and definitive red star “Cream City Ware, Milwaukee” logo. Dimensions are 3” H x 10” W. Visible chips to the enamel on inside top edge and some random scratches, otherwise in top vintage condition. If you’re a fan of original markings and logos, this is a perfect piece for you. Pick it up in time to make a delicious summertime, fruit-filled Jell-o mold for your sweetie.

SOLD- 1970's tennis painting $60

Just in time for Wimbledon and the U.S. Open, this 70's-era (read wooden racquet and short white shorts) oil painting will hang proudly on your wall next to your 60" plasma tv. While today's stars pale in comparison to this guy and his peers, John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors, and Roscoe Tanner, you can cheer on Rafa and Andy while longing for the simpler times portrayed in this sweet painting. Love love.

SOLD- old schoolhouse wooden stool $30

Pretty simple here. This wooden stool is hearty, sturdy, and has all its legs and stretchers. It's in great shape, and the patina gently reveals her history- which surely comes from a long line of happy users. Be the next.

SOLD- industrial age steel storage box $35

An import from sunny New Mexico, this heavy-duty box shows all the wear and tear of a life well-lived. The black paint on the exterior is nearly worn off, as is the red paint on the inside, but this thing has many days of useful storage ahead of it. Fully operational, lockable, and good looking. What more could you ask for??

SOLD- white enamel/wood cabinet $125

A 1940's-era American classic- you could have found this cabinet in every rural farmhouse or urban brownstone across the country. It was a homemakers best friend, or, at the very least, a good friend. Use it today to store everything from canned foods to dry goods to dishware and flatware. Take it home and make it your new best friend.

SOLD- Ironrite industrial chair! A MoMA classic- $185

This iconic chair was originally designed in 1938 by Herman A. Sperlich, and now sits in MoMA's permanent collection. Made of steel and lacquered plywood, it's a much loved classic and fits well with modern, industrial, and school-house decor. Chair is in great vintage condition, with only some chips in the paint and minor surface rust. Original label on the backrest is pristine. Overall, this chair is a gem- and something you don't stumble upon everyday. Use it in your dining room, or make this baby stand alone in your living room. It practically glows.

SOLD- old-tyme galvanized bucket with sponge holder- $20

This old bucket still has a bunch of good years left in it. It's water-tight and has a smart, red wooden handle for easy transport. Use it to wash your car in the driveway (if you hate our local salmon), or it sure would make a nice looking planter for your front porch. Who doesn't love flowers?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

SOLD- blue metal desk lamp $34

Painted blue, metal gooseneck desk lamp. Fully operational with a
healthy amount of patina. Super-secret light bulb on the base of the
lamp. This lamp will make working late into the night much more