Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thanks to everyone who came to our West Seattle Holiday Sale!

we all had a blast, and i really appreciated the chance to meet a bunch of new people, and talk about junking and thrifting. so many cool stories out there! hope to talk to y'all again sometime- cheers, sarah

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Please join us for a great sale this weekend, the 11th and 12th, over in W Seattle. There will be a bunch of talented, local artist-types (and me. junker-type) selling only good things. For good people. So git on over and come say hi. Be sure to enjoy a drink or two and a delicious snack. On us.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SOLD- vintage milk crate from Montana- $30

the community creamery in Missoula, Montana was a processing facility for regional dairy farmers back in the day. some of the best cheese and milk you've ever tasted was produced there (or so i'm told. but, i'm still betting dairy from Wisconsin would win a blind taste test... just sayin'.) anyway, none of that matters now. what does matter is that this gorgeous relic survived the dark and sad years it spent holed up in a garage in far north seattle, waiting to be set free and put back to work. the wood is all in great shape, and the metal edges add a perfect industrial-farming-rough hewn situation. the stray paint splatters on the crate further its patina and sense of history. a pretty great piece of americana.

SOLD- old, red horseshoe magnet- $9

magnets. a once useful and common item, it seems to me they got left behind a few decades ago. you don't really hear much talk about them anymore or see them in action doing their magnetic things. well, i'm here to bring back the magnet. this is the real deal, people. it will dutifully pick up your metal items, handily pin your favorite postcard to your refrigerator, or simply look rustic and butch on display on your countertop. magnet is a good-looking 3.25"w x 5.50"h.

SOLD- 70's ceramic winking owl cookie jar- $28

who loves the 70's? i do. who loves owls? i do. who loves overalls? i don't. (ok, there was that one time in the 80's but that was dexy's midnight runners fault. and maybe madonna's.) who loves cookies? i do. who loves to be winked at? i do. if you answered YES to 3 of the 5 questions above, well, i think this colorful, kitchy, winking owl cookie jar belongs to you. there's not a crack or ding on him, and he's ready to make a scene in your kitchen. i've not filled him up yet, but i bet he easily holds several dozen cookies. (he's 13" tall and about 9" wide from wing to wing.)

some shots from our new and improved kitchen

Garrett Tomblingson rocks. he gave us a beautiful kitchen makeover- new marmoleum floor, new paint, new wallpaper, new cabinet fronts and hardware, and a new liquor cabinet that used to be a hidden ironing closet. genius. you can find him at kingbot@plybotfurniture.com he's the best thing ever and carries the full-on endorsement of seattle junk love. if that means anything at all. thanks, G!