Saturday, April 23, 2011

old western dry goods storage case- $149

fill this vintage case full of denim, snap-shirts, your boots and a hat, then toss it in the back of your truck and drive like heck to the Pendleton roundup. or, use this time-worn, oiled canvas and leather beauty to store your stuff when you're at home in the big city. i'm not sure who C.M.H. was, but i'd like to pretend he was a rugged gunslinger from wyoming, or a bespectacled mercantile owner from topeka, or maybe she was a traveling rodeo princess from the 1920's. it's hard to know. but, what i do know is this- the hand-painted red initials, the faded green oiled canvas, the weathered leather strapping and shiny brass hardware make this a true one-of-a-kind find from the old west. (20w x 15d x 14h)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

SOLD vintage Dazor pivoting machine shop light- $159

here comes number two of three of my newly found industrial lights- an original Dazor, model 1103 pivoting lamp. it, too, is in mint condition with all its original parts intact as though it just rolled out of a time machine from 1947. i salvaged this from a ceiling joist in a workshop up on lake city, where it sat silently nailed to that stick of wood for 60-plus years shining down on whatever was the project of the day. Dazor Corp., out of St. Louis, MO, made nothing but top of the line industrial lighting, and this lamp is no exception. the metallic grey enamel is pristine for its age, and the ball and socket joints easily pivot to whatever lighting angle you desire. note the ventilated shade and socket housing- you can burn this light all night long and never accidentally scorch yourself in the morning. a nice feature if you're clumsy like me... hang this lamp anywhere you need good-looking light. it won't let you down.

SOLD ca. 1940's factory articulating lamp by Fostoria- $215

even on my best days, i'm rarely lucky enough to find just one, let alone three, vintage industrial factory lamps in ORIGINAL, FANTASTIC condition. so, as soon as i caught my breath, i hauled ass over to the corner store and bought a lottery ticket. needless to say, that part of the dream didn't pan out. however, i'm still the lucky girl who currently has a couple Fostoria and Dazor articulating machine age lamps in my grip. (for the moment, anyway.) this particular one is something else- it retains its original mint green enameld finish and green cord, features multiple pivoting joints, a parabola shaped rolled rim steel reflector and red, aluminum power switch. the gorgeous Fostoria label on the reflector guarantees that you'll be sporting a piece of american manufacturing history- for years and years, Fostoria lamps lit up a darn big percentage of the factories and machine shops that churned out our favorite machine-age goods. this old gal can be mounted to the wall, a table-top, or even your ceiling, and will be the envy of pretty much everyone.

SOLD ca. 1940's trouble light with red wooden handle- $59

if you're anything like me, you find yourself in trouble now and again. and in those cases, it's always good to have a trouble light around to help you get out of that particular jam. well, this beaut comes to your rescue straight outta the 40's, and it's no ordinary trouble light. this one has a sweet little wooden handle painted a gorgeous antique red, a brown general electric bakelite socket, and a true-to-form silver bowl factory bulb. so much to love, and all crammed into a tidy little workhorse of a lamp. from tip to tail it measures 9.5". attached, there's a generous 8' of original black cord in great shape- no need to rewire. you could hang this as a pendant next to your bed, or above your sink, or hook it up under the hood of your car when you're changing the oil. or, you could tuck it away in your favorite vintage metal storage box (and i have a bunch if you need to purchase one. most aren't listed here... it's my private collection) and bring it out when you need to fix whatever trouble it is you're having. regardless, the point here is that everyone needs a trouble light. you just might not know it yet. (silver bowl bulb included.)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

SOLD 1930's adjustable bakelite factory sconce - $85

an original industrial relic from a machine shop in south king county, this Penetray Corp. bakelite socket sconce is a thing of beauty. it was mounted along the back wall of the shop, illuminating a whole bunch of meticulously organized tools and hardware. sort of sad to be removed from its natural habitat, but this is just too pretty to be buried away in a vacant building. as you can tell from the photos, it's been well-used and well-loved. there's some visible patina on the metal canopy (finished in a baked brown enamel) but this prize has countless years of life ahead of it. the attached metal cage ensures your edison bulb has ample protection from flying hand tools or stray elbows, and the pivoting Bakelite stem bends to a 90 degree angle making this a super functional sconce. or, simply stand it upright as i've done here and you've got yourself a perfectly cool table lamp. (edison bulb not included, but sold for an additional $15.)