Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SOLD mid-century zig zag wooden table lamps- $120 pair

wisconsin is, without a doubt, one of this country's most underappreciated states. it provides us with an astounding amount of beer, cheese, hockey players, stunning vacation spots, and incredible mid-century finds. these gems of lighting were plucked from the estate of a lovely woman who lived a grand life in sheyboygan, wisconsin. in form, they are vaguely reminiscent of gerrit rietveld's iconic 1934 zig zag chair- simple cantilevered elements that form a beautiful geometric whole. the lamps are anchored by modest, yet substantial, circular bases, and the pieces held together with a brass pipe. table lamps like these don't appear on the scene with great regularity, and i feel pretty lucky to have them for the moment. they both are in perfect working order, and the dimensions are 24"H x 10"W. as we head into fall here in seattle and the days rapidly become darker and darker, these lamps will keep you well-lit and in good company.

Monday, August 30, 2010

SOLD- industrial metal cabinet/desk - $475

cle elum, washington, population 1,865. located at the foot of the cascade mountains, this town serves as the gateway to a vast wilderness area- an outdoor recreation paradise. it's also the home of the historical telephone museum, the eagles santa breakfast and holiday bazaar, harvest moon feast and halloween parade, and countless other delightful, interesting surprises. cle elum is also the former home of this magnificent industrial metal cabinet. hauled out of a stock car racer's shop (by two strong men wearing great old wranglers and dusty boots) and loaded into the back of a volkwagen passat, it was driven straight to seattle where it hopes to find its new purpose in life. this thing is really great- a true, one-of-a-kind cabinet: made for storing tools, food, pencils, hair products, your postcard collection, napkins, old cell phones, whatever. who cares if it was custom built for a stock car racer's needs- it's ready to serve YOUR needs now. the lower part of the cabinet is all painted steel and all drawers. the removable top part is painted wood, and has a hinged top surface that lifts up to reveal a storage box underneath. it also has a deep drawer of its own. the paint is perfectly beat up, the cabinet structure, however, is not. it's sturdy (and heavy) as an ox. thankfully, this sucker is on casters which allow for easy rolling transport. if you're looking for an absolutely unique storage piece that won't be replicated anywhere else, you'd better jump on this one. perfect for home, office, or commercial use. dimensions are 52"H x 26"W x 20"D.

Monday, August 16, 2010

SOLD vintage iron anvil stool- $75

i'm not really sure what to say about this old, simple, heavy-duty, paint-splattered, mildly-rusted, expectedly sturdy, amazingly comfortable, uniquely shaped, handsomely rugged anvil stool from eastern washington. it's a keeper and yet i'm selling it. it's incredibly good looking yet completely minimal. it's heavy as heck yet spare in its design. if you have any further questions about this stool, give me a shout. but really, if you're looking for a vintage stool to sit on or a shelf to display some books, your favorite trinkets, or your rotary telephone, look no further. Stool stands 27" high, is 19" wide at the base, and the seat is 17" x 8".

SOLD- handcarved stone owl-on-a-log doorstop- $25

every now and then you find something that clearly was a labor of love to whoever made it. this handcarved stone owl-on-a-log is one of those things. i bet you never see another one like it in your entire life. she's clearly had a nice run up to this point, but now needs to find a brand new caretaker to keep it going. i imagine her sitting at the foot of your back door, or maybe guarding the brick hearth, or even perched high up on a shelf- just sitting there staring at you with that wide-eyed look owls are famous for. at the base of the owl, on the front side, it appears this darling has had her name carved into the stone- it says "Rowdy." now, tell me this- who doesn't need Rowdy the Owl in their life? please give Rowdy the home she deserves. Dimensions are 7"H x 3.5"W x 2.5"D.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

SOLD- 60's vintage aluminum chaise lounge w/ cushions- $100

sunbathing is supposed to be fun. items needed- baby oil, aluminum foil, lemon juice, teen beat, 2-liter bottles of california coolers.... and THIS EARLY 60's VINTAGE ALUMINUM CHAISE LOUNGE. really, if you're laying out on anything less, it's no good. no good at all. this lounge chair will put the fun back into your summer with an ease not usually associated with patio furniture. don't just take my word for it, try it out for yourself. the springs on the chair are in spectacular condition, and the adjustable backrest allows for optimal sunbathing positioning. the pristine cushions, well, they're a joy all their own- vintage floral themed vinyl on one side, and gorgeous green canvas on the other. take your pick on which to relax- either way you're going to look good and feel good. (i will deliver this beaut for an extra $15 if you're in the 206) hurry up and grab this one- it's gonna be 85 degrees this weekend, people!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SOLD- good ol' metal boxes- tools, tackle and cash.

TOOL BOX SOLD. boxes are meant for holding stuff, and these three particular vintage boxes were once used to store tools, tackle and money. now, it's your turn to decide what to put in them.

This craftsman tool box used to live in a garage in west seattle that was about to fall down. thankfully it survived. it comes with a removable red tray that's good for keeping your wrenches away from your hammers. there's even a hook in front for locking away your valuables. great beat-up style, and yours for $35.

this fishing tackle box looks like it had quite an active life, yet works like a dream. the original manufacturing decal is still on it, in addition to a sweet, leather handle. grab it and go catch a salmon over there in the ballard locks. $30.

who doesn't need a cash box? (cash not included.) but really, you could put almost anything in here- bills, pens, cards, gum, secret valuables, whatever. this thing will hold your stuff while looking good the entire time. with a wooden handle, a gently worn-in paint job and spring loaded clasps, this box is made for someone who can keep up in both the style and function departments. take the challenge. $30