Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SOLD- good ol' metal boxes- tools, tackle and cash.

TOOL BOX SOLD. boxes are meant for holding stuff, and these three particular vintage boxes were once used to store tools, tackle and money. now, it's your turn to decide what to put in them.

This craftsman tool box used to live in a garage in west seattle that was about to fall down. thankfully it survived. it comes with a removable red tray that's good for keeping your wrenches away from your hammers. there's even a hook in front for locking away your valuables. great beat-up style, and yours for $35.

this fishing tackle box looks like it had quite an active life, yet works like a dream. the original manufacturing decal is still on it, in addition to a sweet, leather handle. grab it and go catch a salmon over there in the ballard locks. $30.

who doesn't need a cash box? (cash not included.) but really, you could put almost anything in here- bills, pens, cards, gum, secret valuables, whatever. this thing will hold your stuff while looking good the entire time. with a wooden handle, a gently worn-in paint job and spring loaded clasps, this box is made for someone who can keep up in both the style and function departments. take the challenge. $30

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