Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SOLD mid-century zig zag wooden table lamps- $120 pair

wisconsin is, without a doubt, one of this country's most underappreciated states. it provides us with an astounding amount of beer, cheese, hockey players, stunning vacation spots, and incredible mid-century finds. these gems of lighting were plucked from the estate of a lovely woman who lived a grand life in sheyboygan, wisconsin. in form, they are vaguely reminiscent of gerrit rietveld's iconic 1934 zig zag chair- simple cantilevered elements that form a beautiful geometric whole. the lamps are anchored by modest, yet substantial, circular bases, and the pieces held together with a brass pipe. table lamps like these don't appear on the scene with great regularity, and i feel pretty lucky to have them for the moment. they both are in perfect working order, and the dimensions are 24"H x 10"W. as we head into fall here in seattle and the days rapidly become darker and darker, these lamps will keep you well-lit and in good company.

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