Friday, November 15, 2013

Magnolia picking

Not picking flowers but great old stuff at an estate sale in the Magnolia neighborhood here in Seattle. Found a small pile of things I dig- see the photo here and holler if you want to purchase something. Most of it will end up in my shop at District in Georgetown. 5527 Airport Way, Seattle. 

An old West Seattle house

Went to an estate sale in West Seattle yesterday at a great old, white wooden clapboard house. It was on set back on a double lot with views of Alki just down the street at the end of the block. This gorgeous old relic is bound for demolition soon, however, to make room for a mass of new townhomes. Sad to know that gorgeous, wide porch won't be hosting and more summer sunsets. Anyway, I found a couple fun things in the basement- a huge old canvas duffle bag and a set of black & white photos of Mt Hood, Oregon. And a sweet yellow rose bush.