Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SOLD- vintage Dru Holland cast iron enamel cookware- set $85

Dru Holland set the standard for cast iron cookware, believe you me. Dru's iconic blue tulip pieces were found in all the best mid-century kitchens, and were even spotted in the recent Julia Child movie "Julia," starring Meryl Streep. seattle junk love is offering you a 5-piece set containing a #12 saucepan and two baking dishes- a #25 and a #20, both with their proper lids. the pans are nearly perfect, with just some very minor surface marks on the white enamel, and the only chips to be found are on the lids. you'll be the envy of all your friends when you show up to the next potluck sporting your Dru ware. this stuff is genius- the pan goes from stovetop to the oven in 2 seconds flat, cleans with ease and makes cooking even the most mundane things a retro dream. perfect for your vintage kitchen, or anyone, really, who loves to cook with cast iron.

Friday, September 23, 2011

SOLD SUPER AIR industrial fan with wire cage- $64

how many times have you wished you had a bad-ass, industrial-age fan in your life, but were too afraid of losing a finger, your cat's paw, your nephew's entire arm, or whatever else might get in the way of the blades' crossfire?! well, your days of living in fear are over thanks to seattle junk love and this super-cool SUPER AIR vintage fan. as you can see, it's outfitted with a wire mesh cage to prevent accidents of any sort. the cast iron base assures that the fan isn't going anywhere very easily, and there are some interesting remnants of labels/markings on the frame. the righteous SUPER AIR red lightning bolt logo stands proud, and there's even a wingnut that loosens to allow the fan to rotate up and down, allowing you to direct the breeze right where you need it most. the electrical cord is in good working condition, but you can certainly rewire it if you feel the need. this thing has had a hard-working life and is now ready to go to work for you. 12" in diameter and 14" high

1960's taxidermy buck- $145

i picked up this shoulder mount buck from an old fella at a small-town flea market in the shadow mount rainier. he said he shot this big ol' 10-point buck when he was a young man and has had it mounted in his family's cabin ever since. apparently, he's added so much taxidermy to that cabin in the intervening years that the walls are so full there's no place to put the new additions. at any rate, this buck is all set to move on to a life in the city- maybe a bar, restaurant or living room? doesn't matter much to him where he goes next, i don't suppose, but it would be nice to know he's moving on to a good home. his antlers are all intact, as is all the fur (it's surprisingly soft. not to be weird), with the only cosmetic issue being a crack in one of his glass eyes. sad, but again, i don't think he cares too much. have a heart and find a nice spot in your home for this regal beast. he's a real looker.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SOLD old tyme Remington portable typewriter- $85

calling all novel writers, hipsters, vintage typewriter collectors and anyone who loves these sorts of people!! have a got a find for YOU- it's a genuine GREEN Remington Portable 5 typewriter from the mid 1930's. say goodbye to the days of clacking away on your dull black model, and be inspired by this lovely green gem. the keys all operate flawlessly, as do all the knobs, levers and bells, and there's even some life left in the old ribbon. (new ribbon included in the purchase) you don't have to be a real-live novelist to appreciate the value of this thing, as it has hundreds of uses for the common (wo)man. for example, you could charm your sweetie with a love letter, write a strongly worded missive to your landlord, fire off a memo to your subordinates, or create vintage looking labels for your hand-crafted, home-canned fruits and vegetables. or, simply place it on a shelf and admire its 1930's style and beauty.

SOLD mushroom hand-glazed stoneware mugs, set of 4- $28

looking for a sunny boost in your otherwise dreary mornings? if so, these stoneware mugs will provide all the mushroom-inspired love you'll need to power through til lunch time. or, til your next coffee break. right outta your mom's (or great aunt helen's) kitchen, they're sure to transport you back in time to a simpler era where there's no need to call out an embarrassing drink order to the barista- just pour some black coffee into your mushroom mug and get on with your day. simple as that. set of 4 hand-glazed stoneware mugs in pristine condition for $28.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SOLD primitive wooden stool- $60

of all the wooden stools in the land, this gorgeous old one might be my favorite. well, for the moment anyway until i find my next favorite. here are some reasons why it currently sits atop my list: it's beefy. the seat is nearly 2 inches thick and looks like it was sliced right out of an old stump. it's beat up. yet its integrity is maintained in every way. it's interesting. it has a unique wire bracing system that adds a bit of industrial grit to its worn, wooden physique. it's old. it has a long and varied work history we'll never know but you can imagine what all its seen and done. it was found in the basement of a gorgeous mid-century home on the west side of town but clearly traces its origins to a much earlier time. and i like earlier times. 14" tall, legs span 16", and seat diameter is 14".

SOLD kitschy glazed McCoy owl cookie jar- $45

freshly salvaged from a rural farm in the northwestern part of our great state, this sweet, vintage McCoy pottery cookie jar is ready to move on to a new home. maybe yours?? he's stamped on the bottom with all the original McCoy pottery markings, has a full-feathered, wide-eyed gaze and maintains all of his lustrous glaze. why would you have a plain ol' cookie jar in your kitchen when you can have this darling instead? measures 10" tall 8" wide.