Monday, December 12, 2011

SOLD vintage schoolhouse map set- $395

well, here's something you don't see everyday- a set of seven maps on a single, spring-loaded roller, circa 1934. made by the webb costello co., chicago heights, each full-color, canvas-backed lithographed map can be rolled down and viewed one at a time by way of the technologically magical "multiple map holder" system. (this revolutionary patent was issued to W. B. Wilson in 1927. there's a small brass tag on the wooden mounting frame listing the patent number. a cool detail that makes this thing even cooler.) maps contained on this roller are: africa, south america, north america, asia, united states, europe and the world. there is some light water damage at the base of each map, but as it unrolls, the condition rapidly improves, revealing full-color maps in incredible detail. dimensions are 57" x 46". someone is going to be real real happy to have this beaut hanging in their home. right now that person is me and i'm happy as heck.

SOLD Globe Wernicke wooden inbox tray- $37

inbox- a box or tray (as on a desk) for holding incoming interoffice mail.
tray- an open receptacle with a flat bottom and a low rim for holding, carrying, or exhibiting articles.

who doesn't have a need for this vintage office accessory? (circa 1930's) it's right for a million reasons and wrong for none. functional, good-looking, wooden, and with the original label still affixed, it's ready to go to work for you. 15" x 10" x 3"

Thursday, December 8, 2011

SOLD vintage roll-down schoolhouse map- $155

if you're looking for a little bit of regional cartographic history from 1940, then look no further. this is a gem of a map that deserves to be prominently displayed and appreciated for its beauty and wealth of information. not only does it display the states of washington, oregon, montana and idaho in stunningly vivid color and detail, it gives you the head's up on natural vegetation, annual rainfall and population distribution. these canvas-backed roll-down maps are a dying breed- they once hung proudly for generations in schoolrooms across the country, but are now only found stashed away in attics, boiler rooms, closets, and in this case, an old barn about an hour north of seattle. dimensions are 55"h x 44"w.

SOLD- underwood-olivetti studio 44 typewriter- $59

here's a gorgeous robin's-egg-teal-blue prize just for you. or, for your loved one who deserves a special mid-century treat. it's right out of 1965, built in spain and has all the markers of the era- streamlined forms, slick aluminum and stainless machined parts, typeface that screams "i'm from the 60's" and a perfect 1960's color. the great american playwright, tennessee williams, granted the studio 44 the ultimate compliment in naming it his favorite typing machine. it's a real workhorse and was known for both its style and production capabilities. it'll type the heck out of whatever needs typing. comes with original locking case and owner's manual.