Monday, January 31, 2011

SOLD- rustic old fruit crates with vintage labels- prices vary

a box is a box is a box, unless it's a cool old fruit crate from the early decades of the 20th century. then it's the greatest, most spectacular thing you've ever seen. i have a half dozen wooden crates, each with their own unique, bright, good-looking label on the end panel. a few of the crates also have additional branding/advertising on their sides. they all hail from california, and back in the day, these beauts used to contain oranges from various growers in the region. yum. and as rustic and cool as the wood itself is, it's the sweet labels that steal the show. each one shows off gorgeous typeface and graphics that are totally iconic to their time in history. i'm using one of them in our living room to hold firewood, though it's up to you to figure out their new, perfect function. crates without side panel graphics- $45, crates with side panel graphics- $55. all crates measure 26"x12"x12" and have been treated with wood wax to cure the old wood, and clear varnish to preserve the labels.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

SOLD- kitschy 1970's retro owl clock- $34

owls for sale! Burwood Products Company owl clock, circa 1973, to be exact. you've seen owls in many different forms here for sale at seattle junk love, but nothing quite like this. a family of 3 owls (or maybe they're just a group of friends and not related to each other at all) perched on a leafy branch ready to tell you the time of day. all day every day. or until the AA battery dies and you replace it with a new one. these owls are made of plastic, yet are oh-so-real-looking. that's the genius of Burwood Products Company! and let me tell you, the lovely folks at BPC are a fine example of pure 1970's scientific advancement in america. it's no coincidence these owls were manufactured so close on the heals of our country's maiden voyage to the moon. it's not a stretch to see the connection. anyway, these new owl friends of yours will eternally stare at you with their glassy orange eyes, and reassure you that everything in life will be just fine. how can you pass them up?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

lucky day- a free find on the roadside.

just thought i'd show you what i found while i was out junking around- great old wooden, handpainted advertising sign for Frostop rootbeer and Carnation ice cream. turns out Frostop was a chain of roadside stands and drive-ins (and maker of rootbeer) that dates back to the 50's. they went belly-up in the early 80's, though a few privately owned Frostops still exist, mainly in ohio and louisianna. i never had the good fortune of seeing one in person, but if anyone remembers them, gimme a shout. think this is going to hang in our kitchen...

SOLD- vintage industrial metal storage box- $26/each

this great old pair of green, industrial hinged storage boxes came from an estate in the far reaches of NW seattle, and a house on a huge corner lot that was perched atop a ridge overlooking the sound. a true northwest architectural gem, the house was built by the original property owner- a woman- in 1955, and was full of all the items you might expect, and some of the unexpected. anyway, back to these awesome metal storage boxes. they are 12" x 18 x 3, have great brass handles with a handy label frame, and sport a hinged top that opens to reveal a vast expanse ready to store whatever your heart desires. (as long as it's less than 12x18x3) stack them on top of each other and double your options. these things are in perfect working order, and do show some of their age by way of scratches and spots- which, some might say, makes for a truly authentic vintage item. Buy the pair and i'll give em to you for $24/each. or, $26 per single.

SOLD vintage 100% wool Trail's End blanket- $60

today's prize is a perfectly mint, 2-sided vintage wool blanket (soft, not scratchy!) from yesteryear, with the original label still attached that reads "Trail's End, 100% virgin wool, Pendleton Woolens, Portland, Ore." one side is a gorgeous shade of pale green, and the other is an equally gorgeous lavender/purple/pink hue. the border isn't frayed or worn, and there's no visible wear and tear to this 114" x 72" blanket- take it to the cabin, a picnic, your couch, or put it on your bed and guarantee yourself a million nights of cozy warmth. it's real, real pretty, too....

Thursday, January 20, 2011

SOLD 1950's Smith-Corona Silent-Super typewriter- $80

In 1950, Smith-Corona unleashed the Silent-Super portable typewriter on the American public, and it rapidly became one of the most popular typing machines of the era. And, quite frankly, things haven't been the same since. i know, i know, you're thinking today's technology buries relics such as the Silent-Super, and i hear you. but, i'm so tired of hearing "apple does this, microsoft doesn't do that, wireless is neat, the internets is awesome, droid rules" etc that i ask you this: does your i-Whatever have lovely, sleek hard resin keys? a gorgeous blue-green metal case WITH racing stripes? or, a set of famously patented "rabbit ear" paper supports? do you even know what paper is anymore??? for gosh sakes, get back to the basics and type your way to vintage happiness. the click-click-clack sound of the Silent-Super makes just enough noise not to be truly silent, yet isn't so noisy that it drives you to drink. however, you just might want to sip a classic 1950's manhattan while typing your sure-to-be-best-selling novel. (gorgeous tan colored, hard-sided typewriter case included. ribbon and all keys are in good working order. this is a keeper. a real beaut.)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

antique wagon wheels- set of 3- $225

i know it just snowed last night and the last thing you're probably thinking about right now is beautifying your yard/garden. (or maybe it's all you think about, night and day) but, i'm here to remind you that it's never too early to get prepared- as soon as the sun shines, you'll be all set to dig in and accessorize. and what better accessory to start with than wagon wheels??! a wagon wheel is only as Hee-Haw as you allow it to be, and can instead be the sturdy, good looking centerpiece to your rustic, sweet, urban oasis. these three old, wooden-spoked and iron-rimmed wheels are beastly heavy, yet gracefully show off their years of history. i'm not sure if they came from a wagon, buggy, or motorized vehicle, but they're clearly ready to live out their golden years in your garden, gazing at all the beauty you create. have a heart- adopt all 3 (or 1 or 2) today. set of 3 is $225, or $85/each.

Monday, January 3, 2011

SOLD industrial age Gacor Handilamp Jr- $67

a true relic of our country's industrial past, this original Gacor Handilamp Jr. comes to you from east of the mountains. the genius of this painted copper and steel vintage industrial lamp is that it's made to fold up neatly to tuck into a mechanic's tool box at the end of the day. Gacor manufactured these jr work lamps in the 20's and on into the 40's (the 1922 patent is stamped on the bottom), and by the looks of this one, it's seen its share of long days on the job site. however, it still works like a charm- the stem collapses up and down at two points, and the base has a small clamp on it, enabling it to cling to a workbench, the engine block of an old truck, or whatever else was being worked on that day. use it as a desk lamp, mount it to the wall and turn it into a cool sconce, or set it on the countertop and light up your favorite corner of your kitchen. if you end up purchasing this gem, know you'll be the only one on your block with one like it. i'm having a hard time parting with it....

SOLD-old glass owl candy dish- $19

candy. owls. 'nuff said. (well, other than the important details. darling vintage amber glass candy dish with removable owl-head lid. it sits atop a sweet glass basket, ready for you to fill with candy. and only candy. no nuts, no olives, no coins, no paperclips, no stamps. only candy. in perfect condition. another import from from dallas, texas.)

SOLD white industrial aluminum stool & primitive wooden step stool- $51/$21

STOOL SOLD- i dug up this random pair of vintage stools from the basement of a rambler on the northern edge of seattle. the home belonged to a gentleman whose family owned a 3rd generation apothecary/pharmacy here in town, and was filled with all manner of incredible finds. the tall aluminum stool is painted white, yet you can see an occasional glimpse of the shiny aluminum frame beneath. it's literally the lightest stool i've ever seen- i bet it weighs less than 2 pounds- so it's effortlessly simple to move about. the wooden step stool is clearly a handmade, woodshop project from back in the day. its simplicity is its charm, and will fit in well with whatever style you've got going on in your home. both stools are hearty, and ready to go.

SOLD vintage 2qt bean pot with handle & lid - $22

rustic, classic, simple, useful, and handsome. what could be better? use this dutiful pottery bean pot for storing change, your moonshine, or your counter-top compost. it sports a lovely, shiny glaze and is stamped on the side with a blue crown emblem. as a bonus, the pot has the original lid, and crafty handle to complete the package. get it today.

SOLD- rustic, vintage cast-iron owl lantern- $75

this classic early 20th century cast iron owl lantern comes to you from an estate in dallas, texas, and the neighborhood of deep ellum. and if you know anything about deep ellum, then you know this owl has seen some pretty cool sh*t in his day. deep ellum became a hub of industry in 1884 with the construction of a number of mills and factories, and later famously spawned dallas' early jazz, blues, punk rock, and arts scene- a pretty cool place for our owl-friend to have lived his life. he stands about 11 perfectly rustic inches tall, and has an attached ring for easy hanging. place a candle beneath him, and he'll beautifully radiate like only an owl can. almost too good looking to be trapped indoors, and perhaps too pretty to sit outside in the rain. so, it's a good thing he's cast iron- you can do just about whatever you want with him and he'll endure.