Wednesday, January 12, 2011

antique wagon wheels- set of 3- $225

i know it just snowed last night and the last thing you're probably thinking about right now is beautifying your yard/garden. (or maybe it's all you think about, night and day) but, i'm here to remind you that it's never too early to get prepared- as soon as the sun shines, you'll be all set to dig in and accessorize. and what better accessory to start with than wagon wheels??! a wagon wheel is only as Hee-Haw as you allow it to be, and can instead be the sturdy, good looking centerpiece to your rustic, sweet, urban oasis. these three old, wooden-spoked and iron-rimmed wheels are beastly heavy, yet gracefully show off their years of history. i'm not sure if they came from a wagon, buggy, or motorized vehicle, but they're clearly ready to live out their golden years in your garden, gazing at all the beauty you create. have a heart- adopt all 3 (or 1 or 2) today. set of 3 is $225, or $85/each.

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