Saturday, January 29, 2011

SOLD- kitschy 1970's retro owl clock- $34

owls for sale! Burwood Products Company owl clock, circa 1973, to be exact. you've seen owls in many different forms here for sale at seattle junk love, but nothing quite like this. a family of 3 owls (or maybe they're just a group of friends and not related to each other at all) perched on a leafy branch ready to tell you the time of day. all day every day. or until the AA battery dies and you replace it with a new one. these owls are made of plastic, yet are oh-so-real-looking. that's the genius of Burwood Products Company! and let me tell you, the lovely folks at BPC are a fine example of pure 1970's scientific advancement in america. it's no coincidence these owls were manufactured so close on the heals of our country's maiden voyage to the moon. it's not a stretch to see the connection. anyway, these new owl friends of yours will eternally stare at you with their glassy orange eyes, and reassure you that everything in life will be just fine. how can you pass them up?