Monday, January 31, 2011

SOLD- rustic old fruit crates with vintage labels- prices vary

a box is a box is a box, unless it's a cool old fruit crate from the early decades of the 20th century. then it's the greatest, most spectacular thing you've ever seen. i have a half dozen wooden crates, each with their own unique, bright, good-looking label on the end panel. a few of the crates also have additional branding/advertising on their sides. they all hail from california, and back in the day, these beauts used to contain oranges from various growers in the region. yum. and as rustic and cool as the wood itself is, it's the sweet labels that steal the show. each one shows off gorgeous typeface and graphics that are totally iconic to their time in history. i'm using one of them in our living room to hold firewood, though it's up to you to figure out their new, perfect function. crates without side panel graphics- $45, crates with side panel graphics- $55. all crates measure 26"x12"x12" and have been treated with wood wax to cure the old wood, and clear varnish to preserve the labels.


  1. Um, WOWOWOWOWOW! I love these. But our house is crammed. We're trying to get *rid* of things...lemme percolate.

  2. Any more of these crates going to become available?