Monday, January 3, 2011

SOLD industrial age Gacor Handilamp Jr- $67

a true relic of our country's industrial past, this original Gacor Handilamp Jr. comes to you from east of the mountains. the genius of this painted copper and steel vintage industrial lamp is that it's made to fold up neatly to tuck into a mechanic's tool box at the end of the day. Gacor manufactured these jr work lamps in the 20's and on into the 40's (the 1922 patent is stamped on the bottom), and by the looks of this one, it's seen its share of long days on the job site. however, it still works like a charm- the stem collapses up and down at two points, and the base has a small clamp on it, enabling it to cling to a workbench, the engine block of an old truck, or whatever else was being worked on that day. use it as a desk lamp, mount it to the wall and turn it into a cool sconce, or set it on the countertop and light up your favorite corner of your kitchen. if you end up purchasing this gem, know you'll be the only one on your block with one like it. i'm having a hard time parting with it....

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