Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SOLD vintage taxidermy & seth thomas wall clock- $145

so, go ahead and try to just imagine the level of ecstatic joy i was in when i discovered this piece. i mean really! who pairs a gorgeous slab of live-edge wood with a set of taxidermied deer antlers, and then goes and caps it off with an absolute icon of midcentury design- a seth thomas brass starburst clock face?? what? who's the genius that created such a splendid piece of art, and why aren't we best friends? frankly, it's a damn shame i didn't come up with the idea on my own. but, thankfully i discovered this gem buried away up in the northlands, and am able to bring it back out into the world where it belongs. seriously, i'm 100% certain i've never seen another one like it. you could hang this anywhere and it would make sense- rugged brass tacks and suede complement the deer antlers, and the clock's sunburst motif is a nice nod to our country's golden age of midcentury design. and the wood slab, honestly, is stunning. typically, these sorts of things are shellaqued within an inch of their life. however, this piece is perfectly finished to allow the natural glow and character of the wood to shine through. i don't even know why i'm selling this thing! will it be yet another personal regret on par with not applying myself academically during high-school?? if you have a cabin or a camper or a cozy home in the city, this is for you. and you'll be the only one on the block (or any block) with anything like it.

Monday, March 14, 2011

SOLD-50's era ship's steering wheel table lamp w/ shade- $48

eagles, anchors, admirals and stars. and a ship's steering wheel! i know, right??! that's a lot of your favorite stuff all in one place. this gorgeous 1950's wooden table lamp is the most patriotic lamp you'll ever find, and pays homage to our country's rich and honorable naval history. note the wing-nut located at the middle of the lamp. loosen that up and bend the arm 90 degrees to turn this table lamp into a wall-mounted sconce. no, i'm not even kidding. see my earlier post for the ship's wheel brass/wood sconce. pair these two together for the ultimate in nautical themed lighting.

SOLD- rustic, old wooden Libby's Foods crate- $22

just in the nick of time for St. Patrick's Day comes this vintage Libby's Foods wooden crate that used to contain 2 dozen cans of cooked corned beef. not that you have to use this for your tins of corned beef today, i'm just telling you the history of this particular box. use it instead for a planter, or maybe a container to hold your magazines. whatevs. on both sides it reads, "Libby's Food Products, packed for Libby, McNeill & Libby, Chicago U.S.A." and on one end panel it says, "2 DOZ NO. 1 TINS, Libby's Cooked Corned Beef." mmmm. delicious. (15"L x 7.25"W x 7.25"H)

SOLD vintage medicine cabinet- $105

i pulled this old medicine cabinet off the wall in a house that was slated for demolition in hopes it could be recycled into someone else's home. it's solid wood with a hinged and mirrored door, has an old glass towel rod attached to the bottom, and it's full of cubbies and shelves on the inside. but, perhaps the feature that's most eye-catching is the gorgeous, gleaming chrome handle on the front. go ahead and search the architectural salvage yards here in town for a vintage medicine cabinet with this much charm and function- i'm pretty certain you won't find another one that even comes close. (not that i'm trying to get all confrontational, but i'm just sayin that this is a real one-of-a-kind looker.) buy it for your friend or for yourself. (27"H x 19"W x 7.5"D)

SOLD- vintage insulated metal camping cooler- $50

alright, this is a must-have item for anyone who loves to enjoy a cold beer in vintage style when out fishing in the middle of a lake on a sweltering hot afternoon. or, enjoy a cold beer when you're sitting around the camp fire with your best friends. or, when you're relaxing at home in your backyard with your cat. or, tailgating at the ballgame. doesn't matter the situation because this two-tone brown metal cooler will easily travel with you wherever you decide to roam. and to make things really simple, you'll find your very own vintage 7-Up bottle opener strapped to the inside of the hinged lid. (bottle of miller high life not included in the sale of this cooler.) dimensions are 16"L x 10"W x 12"H.

vintage Apollo Electric Co. industrial swivel lamp- $184

a rare find, indeed. Apollo Electric Company, Chicago, Illinois manufactured industrial lighting fixtures which helped to illumitate our country's machine-age. here's your opportunity to own a small piece of that revolution. the genius of this lamp's design (in addition to its rugged good looks) lies in its rotating arm- the heavyweight base stays put while the arm swings 360 degress- never getting tangled up in its cord. the large shade rotates, too, guaranteeing whatever it is you need lit up is done so with ease. and nothing beats a bright silver toggle switch. who doesn't love a toggle switch?! of course, this lamp can also be mounted to the wall, casting a spotlight down on your shop or cafe sign/menu board, or providing ample light to read by at night. this vintage lamp stands 22" tall and the shade diameter is 8.5".

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

SOLD- vintage Facit P2 portable typewriter- $145

Facit is a venerable Swedish typewriter manufacturer, and developed a line of portables in the 1950's and 60's. Supremely difficult to find in the United States and highly collectible, i was more than thrilled to stumble upon this pristine beaut while roaming around in west seattle. this particular P2 model, manufactured from 1964-1968, is made from a signature one-piece, die-cast aluminum casing, and has almost no welds or solders - everything is fastener-connected. An extremely expensive way to build something for sure, but those Swedes, they sure know a thing or two about gorgeous design. in addition to the beauty of its form, the typwriter's function is a dream- the carriage is moved along by a bunch of ball bearings which leads to an incredibly smooth and easy typing experience. it's not at all clunky or difficult. This P2 is a stunning metalic blue, and comes with the original, sturdy carrying case and owners manual. all the keys operate flawlessly with no sticking. it will need a new ribbon, but these are easily procured online at http://www.mytypewriter.com/ (model B100 Universal Ribbon).

SOLD wooden ship's wheel nautical sconce- $38

the 1950's were the golden years of nautical themed home decor, and this sweet ship's wheel sconce is right out of that era. constructed of solid hardwood and brass, this sconce is a real looker. perfect for your bedroom, den, cabin by the water, or anywhere you need some stylish, vintage lighting. (edison bulb not included, but will sell for an additional $15.)

SOLD- industrial age cage lamp with green bulb- $49

this hanging pendant lamp is about as vintage-industrial-straight-up-good-looking as it gets. it's superbly rusted, and still in great structural condition and in perfect working order. the old green bulb is sure-fire way to add some mood to your room on a dark night. to be certain, these relics are hard to find, let alone one that has its original bakelite Leviton socket and Metoer switch still intact. approximately 2' of cord and plug included.

Monday, March 7, 2011

SOLD- vintage glass industrial table lamps- $120 pair

if you're looking for warm, golden light, then look no further than this. as you well know, finding unique and spot-on gorgeous lamps (and ones that aren't mass produced) is always a challenging and time-consuming endeavor. however, i've done the hard work for you. i found this pair of elegantly industrial looking glass lamps last week and am passing them on to you. the cone shaped bases are made of clear glass with golden bronze and black paint affixed to the inside surface in a mesmerizing linear pattern. at the top of the base, silver prongs hint at a former industrial life for these gems. were they electrical fuses? batteries of some sort? use these lamps with the perfectly scaled fabric shades, or remove the shade and top them off with old-fashioned edison bulbs for the warmest, vintage styled lighting you've ever seen. (both lamps are in absolute working order and are perfectly wired for your safety. shades have a bit of discoloration due to age and use, but have many years of life left in them.)

vintage highball cocktail glasses- set of 6 frosted/gold gilt glasses- $48

who knew that you could find such a gorgeous set of vintage frosted cocktail glasses in tenino, washington? a small town in thurston county with a rich and rugged history of logging, milling, quarrying, and railroads had at least one resident with a refined taste for lovely glassware. have yourself a highball, or six, and you'll be well on your way to your own style of refinement. cheers. (set of 6 frosted glasses- 2 red, 2 green, 2 yellow- with sweet mid-century geometric gold gilt pattern. some wear spots to the gold paint on a couple glasses, but otherwise these are top notch. no dishwashers for these relics. hand washing only.)

SOLD- cowboy & western Siesta Ware mugs-set of 6 in original box- $48

hi ho silver! it's a set of 6 never-been-used, old stock Siesta Ware western themed mugs still stored in their original cardboard display case. it's a ready-made gift that's sure to make you the envy of the party. each mug stands about 5" tall, and is ringed with a couple brass bands that securely attach the hefty carved wooden handle. all your favorite western motifs are depicted on the amber glass- six shooters and holsters, wagon wheels, cowboy hats and boots, lassos, saddles, spurs and horseshoes. the only thing missing is the cold beverage you're going to drink outta these. get 'em in time for your first summer backyard bbq.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Seattle Junk Love in City Arts Magazine, March 2011

huge props to City Arts Magazine, and writer Rachel Gallaher and photographer Alex Hayden, for featuring me (and therefore Seattle Junk Love) in their March issue. the article is titled Artful Lodging, and spotlights 3 local people whose home interiors are a reflection of their passions/professions. i had a fun morning doing the photo shoot and interview and am thrilled with the way it turned out! the issue is filled with a number of great articles about local food, music, art, and fun happenings all over the region. grab a copy when you're out and about, or click the link above. lucky me to be included! (and how lucky am i that larisa is cool with all the stuff that's constantly going in and out of our house?! she's the best.)