Tuesday, March 8, 2011

SOLD- vintage Facit P2 portable typewriter- $145

Facit is a venerable Swedish typewriter manufacturer, and developed a line of portables in the 1950's and 60's. Supremely difficult to find in the United States and highly collectible, i was more than thrilled to stumble upon this pristine beaut while roaming around in west seattle. this particular P2 model, manufactured from 1964-1968, is made from a signature one-piece, die-cast aluminum casing, and has almost no welds or solders - everything is fastener-connected. An extremely expensive way to build something for sure, but those Swedes, they sure know a thing or two about gorgeous design. in addition to the beauty of its form, the typwriter's function is a dream- the carriage is moved along by a bunch of ball bearings which leads to an incredibly smooth and easy typing experience. it's not at all clunky or difficult. This P2 is a stunning metalic blue, and comes with the original, sturdy carrying case and owners manual. all the keys operate flawlessly with no sticking. it will need a new ribbon, but these are easily procured online at http://www.mytypewriter.com/ (model B100 Universal Ribbon).

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