Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SOLD vintage taxidermy & seth thomas wall clock- $145

so, go ahead and try to just imagine the level of ecstatic joy i was in when i discovered this piece. i mean really! who pairs a gorgeous slab of live-edge wood with a set of taxidermied deer antlers, and then goes and caps it off with an absolute icon of midcentury design- a seth thomas brass starburst clock face?? what? who's the genius that created such a splendid piece of art, and why aren't we best friends? frankly, it's a damn shame i didn't come up with the idea on my own. but, thankfully i discovered this gem buried away up in the northlands, and am able to bring it back out into the world where it belongs. seriously, i'm 100% certain i've never seen another one like it. you could hang this anywhere and it would make sense- rugged brass tacks and suede complement the deer antlers, and the clock's sunburst motif is a nice nod to our country's golden age of midcentury design. and the wood slab, honestly, is stunning. typically, these sorts of things are shellaqued within an inch of their life. however, this piece is perfectly finished to allow the natural glow and character of the wood to shine through. i don't even know why i'm selling this thing! will it be yet another personal regret on par with not applying myself academically during high-school?? if you have a cabin or a camper or a cozy home in the city, this is for you. and you'll be the only one on the block (or any block) with anything like it.

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