Monday, March 14, 2011

vintage Apollo Electric Co. industrial swivel lamp- $184

a rare find, indeed. Apollo Electric Company, Chicago, Illinois manufactured industrial lighting fixtures which helped to illumitate our country's machine-age. here's your opportunity to own a small piece of that revolution. the genius of this lamp's design (in addition to its rugged good looks) lies in its rotating arm- the heavyweight base stays put while the arm swings 360 degress- never getting tangled up in its cord. the large shade rotates, too, guaranteeing whatever it is you need lit up is done so with ease. and nothing beats a bright silver toggle switch. who doesn't love a toggle switch?! of course, this lamp can also be mounted to the wall, casting a spotlight down on your shop or cafe sign/menu board, or providing ample light to read by at night. this vintage lamp stands 22" tall and the shade diameter is 8.5".

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