Monday, April 2, 2012

SOLD pair of 9' vintage wooden benches- $310

last week i spent some time down in oregon roaming around the coast and then heading up into the hills of logging country. in the midst of an excursion during a pouring rainstorm, we rounded a steep bend and came upon a tiny little hill town. we slowed down, parked the van and rooted around for some cool stuff to buy. in under an hour we had done our business, loaded the van up and headed on down the road with bunch of stuff to sell to you. here's the first item to consider- two 9' long wooden benches with Formica tops and aluminum edge banding. they're solid, functional, and even better looking than your average wooden bench. picture a pack of your favorite people sitting on these benches around your dinner table, picnic table or backyard fire pit, enjoying an evening of great food and greater stories. these benches come with their own small-town history (who all sat on these benches?? loggers, school kids, community center bazaar-goers, junior varsity basketball teams?), but they're ready to take on a new chapter. (9' L x 18" H x 11.5" D)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

working for Salt & Straw- Pdx scoop shop superstars!

lately, i've been on the junking trail again for perhaps my most favorite client ever, Salt & Straw, Portland's ice cream dream. "" their shop on ne alberta street is killing it, and they're set to open scoop-shop #2 on 23rd (@ kearney) in the very near future. so, that means i've been knee deep in picking mode- finding them furniture, furnishings, lighting and such, in addition to designing something interesting for the bathroom. this building on 23rd/kearney was originally constructed in 1912 as a movie theater (The Nob Hill Theater), and endured a good run until 1986 when it sadly shuttered its doors. since then, this address has housed a number of retail/food scenarios, and these folks did their darndest to cover up any of the old theater's charm. but, thankfully, Hammer and Hand (Salt & Straw's amazing contractor) is peeling back the layers of "remodeling" to unearth a few remnants of what once was, and returning the space to modern-day glory. the stately old timbers and massive trusses have been nicely preserved and appear ready for their new life out in the open again.

so, stay tuned for updates! and in the meantime, here are a few photos to give you an idea of just what all is happening in the land of salt & straw and seattle junk love. cheers!

and by the way, salt & straw will ship pints of their incredible ice cream right to your door. via the magic of dry ice and ups.