Monday, January 3, 2011

SOLD white industrial aluminum stool & primitive wooden step stool- $51/$21

STOOL SOLD- i dug up this random pair of vintage stools from the basement of a rambler on the northern edge of seattle. the home belonged to a gentleman whose family owned a 3rd generation apothecary/pharmacy here in town, and was filled with all manner of incredible finds. the tall aluminum stool is painted white, yet you can see an occasional glimpse of the shiny aluminum frame beneath. it's literally the lightest stool i've ever seen- i bet it weighs less than 2 pounds- so it's effortlessly simple to move about. the wooden step stool is clearly a handmade, woodshop project from back in the day. its simplicity is its charm, and will fit in well with whatever style you've got going on in your home. both stools are hearty, and ready to go.

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