Friday, September 23, 2011

1960's taxidermy buck- $145

i picked up this shoulder mount buck from an old fella at a small-town flea market in the shadow mount rainier. he said he shot this big ol' 10-point buck when he was a young man and has had it mounted in his family's cabin ever since. apparently, he's added so much taxidermy to that cabin in the intervening years that the walls are so full there's no place to put the new additions. at any rate, this buck is all set to move on to a life in the city- maybe a bar, restaurant or living room? doesn't matter much to him where he goes next, i don't suppose, but it would be nice to know he's moving on to a good home. his antlers are all intact, as is all the fur (it's surprisingly soft. not to be weird), with the only cosmetic issue being a crack in one of his glass eyes. sad, but again, i don't think he cares too much. have a heart and find a nice spot in your home for this regal beast. he's a real looker.

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