Friday, September 23, 2011

SOLD SUPER AIR industrial fan with wire cage- $64

how many times have you wished you had a bad-ass, industrial-age fan in your life, but were too afraid of losing a finger, your cat's paw, your nephew's entire arm, or whatever else might get in the way of the blades' crossfire?! well, your days of living in fear are over thanks to seattle junk love and this super-cool SUPER AIR vintage fan. as you can see, it's outfitted with a wire mesh cage to prevent accidents of any sort. the cast iron base assures that the fan isn't going anywhere very easily, and there are some interesting remnants of labels/markings on the frame. the righteous SUPER AIR red lightning bolt logo stands proud, and there's even a wingnut that loosens to allow the fan to rotate up and down, allowing you to direct the breeze right where you need it most. the electrical cord is in good working condition, but you can certainly rewire it if you feel the need. this thing has had a hard-working life and is now ready to go to work for you. 12" in diameter and 14" high

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