Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SOLD old tyme Remington portable typewriter- $85

calling all novel writers, hipsters, vintage typewriter collectors and anyone who loves these sorts of people!! have a got a find for YOU- it's a genuine GREEN Remington Portable 5 typewriter from the mid 1930's. say goodbye to the days of clacking away on your dull black model, and be inspired by this lovely green gem. the keys all operate flawlessly, as do all the knobs, levers and bells, and there's even some life left in the old ribbon. (new ribbon included in the purchase) you don't have to be a real-live novelist to appreciate the value of this thing, as it has hundreds of uses for the common (wo)man. for example, you could charm your sweetie with a love letter, write a strongly worded missive to your landlord, fire off a memo to your subordinates, or create vintage looking labels for your hand-crafted, home-canned fruits and vegetables. or, simply place it on a shelf and admire its 1930's style and beauty.

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