Tuesday, April 19, 2011

SOLD ca. 1940's factory articulating lamp by Fostoria- $215

even on my best days, i'm rarely lucky enough to find just one, let alone three, vintage industrial factory lamps in ORIGINAL, FANTASTIC condition. so, as soon as i caught my breath, i hauled ass over to the corner store and bought a lottery ticket. needless to say, that part of the dream didn't pan out. however, i'm still the lucky girl who currently has a couple Fostoria and Dazor articulating machine age lamps in my grip. (for the moment, anyway.) this particular one is something else- it retains its original mint green enameld finish and green cord, features multiple pivoting joints, a parabola shaped rolled rim steel reflector and red, aluminum power switch. the gorgeous Fostoria label on the reflector guarantees that you'll be sporting a piece of american manufacturing history- for years and years, Fostoria lamps lit up a darn big percentage of the factories and machine shops that churned out our favorite machine-age goods. this old gal can be mounted to the wall, a table-top, or even your ceiling, and will be the envy of pretty much everyone.

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