Saturday, April 23, 2011

old western dry goods storage case- $149

fill this vintage case full of denim, snap-shirts, your boots and a hat, then toss it in the back of your truck and drive like heck to the Pendleton roundup. or, use this time-worn, oiled canvas and leather beauty to store your stuff when you're at home in the big city. i'm not sure who C.M.H. was, but i'd like to pretend he was a rugged gunslinger from wyoming, or a bespectacled mercantile owner from topeka, or maybe she was a traveling rodeo princess from the 1920's. it's hard to know. but, what i do know is this- the hand-painted red initials, the faded green oiled canvas, the weathered leather strapping and shiny brass hardware make this a true one-of-a-kind find from the old west. (20w x 15d x 14h)

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