Tuesday, April 19, 2011

SOLD ca. 1940's trouble light with red wooden handle- $59

if you're anything like me, you find yourself in trouble now and again. and in those cases, it's always good to have a trouble light around to help you get out of that particular jam. well, this beaut comes to your rescue straight outta the 40's, and it's no ordinary trouble light. this one has a sweet little wooden handle painted a gorgeous antique red, a brown general electric bakelite socket, and a true-to-form silver bowl factory bulb. so much to love, and all crammed into a tidy little workhorse of a lamp. from tip to tail it measures 9.5". attached, there's a generous 8' of original black cord in great shape- no need to rewire. you could hang this as a pendant next to your bed, or above your sink, or hook it up under the hood of your car when you're changing the oil. or, you could tuck it away in your favorite vintage metal storage box (and i have a bunch if you need to purchase one. most aren't listed here... it's my private collection) and bring it out when you need to fix whatever trouble it is you're having. regardless, the point here is that everyone needs a trouble light. you just might not know it yet. (silver bowl bulb included.)


  1. Is the length of 9.5" with or without the light bulb?

  2. hi there, anonymous. the trouble light itself (from tip of red handle to top of socket) is 5.5". the bulb, when screwed into the socket, gives it another 4 inches of length. hope this helps! please let me know if you have any further questions about anything. thanks for stopping by!