Tuesday, April 19, 2011

SOLD vintage Dazor pivoting machine shop light- $159

here comes number two of three of my newly found industrial lights- an original Dazor, model 1103 pivoting lamp. it, too, is in mint condition with all its original parts intact as though it just rolled out of a time machine from 1947. i salvaged this from a ceiling joist in a workshop up on lake city, where it sat silently nailed to that stick of wood for 60-plus years shining down on whatever was the project of the day. Dazor Corp., out of St. Louis, MO, made nothing but top of the line industrial lighting, and this lamp is no exception. the metallic grey enamel is pristine for its age, and the ball and socket joints easily pivot to whatever lighting angle you desire. note the ventilated shade and socket housing- you can burn this light all night long and never accidentally scorch yourself in the morning. a nice feature if you're clumsy like me... hang this lamp anywhere you need good-looking light. it won't let you down.

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