Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SOLD- 70's ceramic winking owl cookie jar- $28

who loves the 70's? i do. who loves owls? i do. who loves overalls? i don't. (ok, there was that one time in the 80's but that was dexy's midnight runners fault. and maybe madonna's.) who loves cookies? i do. who loves to be winked at? i do. if you answered YES to 3 of the 5 questions above, well, i think this colorful, kitchy, winking owl cookie jar belongs to you. there's not a crack or ding on him, and he's ready to make a scene in your kitchen. i've not filled him up yet, but i bet he easily holds several dozen cookies. (he's 13" tall and about 9" wide from wing to wing.)


  1. Shoot, Crystal. If you love him you should have him. Let me know if you're interested- he needs a good home. :) thanks for your interest in Seattle junk love! Appreciate it. Cheers.