Wednesday, June 9, 2010

vintage glass jar- Lambs Tongues $24

Large Glass Jar, Derby Brand, Lambs Tongues. 10 ½” H x 6” W with a 3 ½” opening. Not really sure why you’d want to buy a jar that at one time was filled with lambs tongues, but I’m willing to part with this piece of Americana for the right price. An interesting note about this item is that the packing company on the label, E.K. Pond, of Chicago IL, was the original packager of Peter Pan peanut butter, and this gem of a jar likely dates to the 1930’s. The label is a rich, mottled reddish brown color with fantastic block letters outlined in black. With no chips in the glass whatsoever, it's a must have for your kitchen, and the perfect container to store your bulk dried lentils, or bowtie pasta. Maybe.

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