Thursday, June 10, 2010

SOLD- handcrafted wooden squirrel table lamp $29

At some point many years ago, an extremely skilled woodworker went down into his basement in Magnolia and decided to make a lamp in the shape of a squirrel. The result of his effort is this darling, stained wood, squirrel silhouette lamp. I've rewired it so you can leave it glowing at all hours of the day and night and not worry about burning your place down. (i used a 3-way recepacle so you can put a 3-way bulb in it.) This type of handmade item is something to behold. Orange light bulb included.


  1. What's your best price for this bad boy?

  2. well, since i just posted it, i'm going to stick to my original asking price. :) catch me later, after its been languishing on here, and i'll probably be a little bit more flexible. thanks for your interest!!! i appreciate it. cheers. sjl