Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SOLD- rustic vintage wooden cabinet - $300

back in the day, maybe during the 1940's, someone took the time to build this fantastic, rustic wooden cabinet. it's constructed mostly of tongue and groove planks and painted a now-weathered white and green. the spinning wooden latch for the front doors is pretty great, as is the white porcelain knob. at some point in its history, the owner took a pencil to the top front rail and labeled it "Laundry Cupboard." a nice, personal touch. the dimensions are 42"H x 34"W x 22"D, and the shelf boards are also tongue and groove- meaning you can remove planks if you'd like the shelves to be different depths. it's hard to find a cabinet as honest and unrefined as this one, yet still packs this much character and charm. someone will be its next lucky owner.

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