Tuesday, July 6, 2010

pan head metal desk lamp - $28

a lot of lamps today, i know. and i'm not even done yet... anyway, this one is industrially straight forward- it's metal, it has a gooseneck, and it's painted. the relatively interesting detail here, however, is its distinct flared, pan head shape. as for provenance is concerned, this lamp's former life was that of a uw academic. well, it was a lamp that belonged to someone in academia at the uw, but who's keeping score. i like to think complex, post-war math problems were solved under this light, or that a really interesting thesis about industrial psychology was penned with the aid of this lamp. regardless, on the inside of the head of this lamp shade is a really great old sticker with the image of an eagle that says, "perfection is not an accident." true that.

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