Monday, July 12, 2010

SOLD- owl salt & pepper shakers - $14

sooner or later, you're going to need some salt and pepper, and if you've got these on hand you'll be ready to go. they are in perfect condition and ready to be at your service. and here's some information about owls that i found rather interesting.(courtesy of

Unlike most birds, owls are nocturnal with a large head and forward facing large eyes. Their eyes are fixed in their sockets, and some are able to rotate their head up to 270 degrees. With exceptional vision, acute hearing, and the ability to fly silently, they are a stealthy and effective hunter.

Native Americans attributed owls with wisdom and sacred knowledge. The shaman would call upon Owl medicine for insight into the truth of ill-intent. Plains Indians wore owl feathers to protect against evil spirits.

If you are drawn to owls or owl symbolism, you may have this same ability to uncover secrets. People may feel uneasy around you, as if you are able to see through pretence. The owl also teaches us to acknowledge the dark side of our personality, and in that darkness we may find food for growth.

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  1. they're great! thanks :) chris