Monday, February 28, 2011

SOLD vintage german enamelware cake tin & pitcher- $48

these 2 gorgeous enamelware pieces come directly from germany, via rural michigan. (circa 1930's- 40's) they are stamped on the bottom with the definitive "ges. gesch" mark, indicating they have a registered german patent- #4032B, to be exact. the round cake tin is spectacular- fitted with a yellow bakelite handle for stylish function, and handy ventilation holes cut into the back of the lid so your cakes, muffins etc. don't become soggy. the hinge is a bit rusty and there are some chips to the enamel surface, but this (in my humble opinion) only adds to the distinct, vintage character. the vase is perfectly matched, and has the same sort of patina. the removable lid fits snuggly in place preventing loss of its contents. both are ready to be repurposed and given new life as storage containers for whatever needs storing. (kitchen compost, important mail, pocket change, golf balls, etc.) or, just put them on a shelf to be admired.

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