Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SOLD- old-skool enamel powdered soap dispenser- $31

if you're (older) like me, seeing this type of soap dispenser takes you right back to your old elementary school. to that grand, pre-war brick building with endless hallways of gleaming tiled floors, to a library full of wooden shelves stacked with books that smelled their age (in a good way), and to the pristine bathrooms where shiny white sinks lined the walls. and, hung on the wall just above those low-mounted sinks, you'd see brilliantly enameled powdered soap dispensers filled with Borax pink powdered soap. this particular industrial marvel is manufactured by Turco, and proudly hung on such a bathroom wall for years and years, serving kids and teachers alike in their quest for clean hands. it was no small job, yet this survivor stood the test of time, and now comes to you today ready to clean your most car-engine-greasy, garden-muddy hands. hang it in your shop, your garage, your laundry room, or even your master bathroom if you're cool enough. there are 3 holes on the back that allow it to easily mount to any surface, and the lid pops up for simple filling. the dispenser mechanism works flawlessly, and the only thing that gives away its age are the occasional surface rust/wear spots on the chrome. go on and give yourself the gift of nostalgia- your hands will forever thank you.

ps. you can still purchase Borax powdered soap for $8 on amazon, at grainger industrial supply, or possibly even your neighborhood hardware store. easy breezy.

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