Monday, July 21, 2014

what's your favorite find?

people often want to know if i have a favorite item i've found, or what's the best thing i've ever picked. and honestly speaking, i'm not sure i have an answer to that. (other than the 14' nautical painting you see a couple posts earlier.... because, really you guys, that thing is an honest to goodness gem.)  i'm also asked frequently if i have a hard time parting with the things i bring home, and the answer to that is a solid YES. most days i do my best to let go of many (some?) of my finds. 

sometimes, the question as to WHY i buy particular items is a bit easier for me to pin down. almost always, the stuff i'm most attached and attracted to isn't very flashy or incredibly valuable, but, instead, has a sense of warmth and worn-out grit mashed up with a bit of tough, utilitarian charm. finding the simple stuff- like an old wool blanket, or a slightly crushed stetson hat, or a beefy cast iron lamp, or a cracked leather chair, or a faded sign for a derelict roadside attraction- these are the sorts of things that get me excited about my job. anyway, here's an assortment of some of my favorites i've picked this past year or so. perhaps you'll see something that's now living with you??!! thanks for your business, everyone. cheers.  

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