Friday, November 28, 2014

Urban Animal design project complete

The past year or so I've been working on the interior design of a Seattle based veterinary clinic, Urban Animal. With a perfect, centrally located Capitol Hill location, our aesthetic aim is to be the direct antithesis of other vet clinics in the region, with nary a trace of the usual veterinary interior schemes to be found. To this end, I spec'd materials, finishes, colors and furnishings not typically seen in vet clinics. 

Recycled materials (rough pallet wood lined walls & old windows), vibrant, color-saturated laminate from the Italian geniuses at Abet, and old-skool Steelcase chairs command attention in the lobby area. There, you'll also find a true-blue 1960's photo booth where you & your animal can duck into for a quick set of snapshots, and when you get thirsty, you'll find a water fountain with service for both you and the hound. Each exam room features a custom wallpaper created with vintage black & white photos of people and their pets, paying homage to that age-old, cherished relationship. And, during my past year's travels and picking adventures, I've been finding and stockpiling vintage art, signage and decor pieces. In the end, we accomplished what we set out to do, and that's to create a veterinary practice that's both unique and memorable. 

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