Wednesday, August 7, 2013

long time gone. hello again!

i've been gone way too long but just want to check back in and share a brief update. i've been busy this past year working on several interior design projects, with my favorite being Urban Animal- a new vet clinic on capitol hill here in seattle. i was involved from soup to nuts on this one-  from sourcing vintage furnishings and fixtures, to spec'ing appropriate finishes for the rigors of vet clinic life. really proud of my friend (and client) Dr. Cherri Trusheim for realizing her dream and kicking some ass in the process.  maybe my favorite feature of the space is the custom wallpaper i created (with the help of some very talented graphic designers) using vintage photos of people and their pets. 

in addition to a few working on a few commercial projects this past year, i continued picking for various clients (traveling to new mexico, california, oregon, montana, idaho, wyoming and further exploring the great state of washington to find the good stuff), remodeled our basement, and married the love of my life. it was, to say the least, a very wonderful year. here are some photos of to catch you up to speed... and stay tuned here for future finds and adventures. give me a holler if you see something you want to purchase. cheers! sarah

urban animal, seattle

recent favorite picks...

my lovely bride...

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