Tuesday, November 30, 2010

SOLD- 1971 Betty Crocker recipe box & card set- $19 SOLD

if betty crocker is the mother of true american cuisine, (and who says she isn't?)then this classic find is the missing link to all of her genius. it's a 1971 set of her recipe card library that takes you back in time- a time when pork chop scallop (potatoes, that is), sombrero pie, and bonnie butter cake ruled the dinner table. living was easy then... if you had a jar of pimentos, a single onion, and a can of cream of mushroom soup, you were golden. everything you'd ever want to prepare for your family and friends is included in this recipe set- some category highlights include: budget casseroles, men's favorites, impromptu party fare, and american classics. and they're all housed in a charming, hinged box that bears the trademark colors of the era- chartreuse and avocado. on the lid, the raised words "the betty crocker recipe card library" give you rock-solid assurance that you'll be cooking only the best food america has to offer. circa 1971, that is.

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