Monday, October 18, 2010

SOLD- 70's era set of mixed drinks/recipe cards- $14

learn how to make every cocktail you've ever imagined AND an hors d'oeuvre to pair with it. this completely mint set of "the 2 in 1 International Recipe Card Collection for Mixed Drinks and Hors D'oeuvre" is straight out of 1977- there's a section for all your favorites, from rye to punch to scotch to tequila to vodka to beer and ale, etc. on the front of each card is a drink recipe and an amazing photo that only the 1970's could have produced, and on the back of the card is a recipe for the accompanying food item. impress your friends and family at your next party- they'll be glad you went out on a limb and purchased this. really, it's a crowd pleaser.

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